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Training for Motorcycle Mechanics

PT Total Oil Indonesia held a series of training classes for motorcycle mechanics to help them increase their knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and technology.

Why Training for Mechanics

Motorcycles in Indonesia have become the preferred mode of transportation. Affordable prices, unreliable public transportation, and easy mobility in congested traffic are certainly among the reasons why the public enjoys this vehicle. In 2013, Indonesian Statistic Center data showed that there were almost 85 million motorcycles registered in the country, and the trend is rising. This leads to a rising number of motorcycle workshops, including private workshops with mechanics with an inferior educational background who unfortunately do not have full knowledge of motorcycle engines.

To obtain insight into this issue, in 2014, PT Total Oil Indonesia gathered mechanics together and conducted focused group discussions. From the results of this study, it was discovered that 90% of the mechanics are high school graduates with no vocational skills in engine maintenance. They are doing their job based on experience and information sharing by other mechanics. Mechanics admit that they are in need of better knowledge from a reliable source, especially with rapidly changing technology.

Knowledge Upgrade by the Experts

To address this situation, in 2015, PT Total Oil Indonesia and Motor Plus Magazine conducted a series of training classes in five cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, and Yogyakarta. With extensive experience in the motorcycle industry, Motor Plus Magazine was in charge to distributing the invitations to mechanics in these cities. An expert in motorcycle engines, Tommy Huang was invited to lead the training classes. Tommy, with his widely known experience, is a well-respected name in the field. Each session was attended by at least 100 mechanics from the surrounding area.

Enthusiastic Response from the Mechanics

The training sessions received an enthusiast response from the participating mechanics. Not only was theory presented, but certain practices were also demonstrated, mainly to dispel popular myths among the mechanics. For example, whether lubricants with lower viscosity are always a better option for maintaining better engine temperature.

The training drew enormous interest from motorcycle mechanics as they saw this as an opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the latest development in engine technology. “I want to learn directly from the expert and, I hope we can have a similar event in my city” said Mansur from Man Motor, who came all the way from a small city 127 km from Jakarta.

With such a positive response, TotalEnergies is proud to be able to provide added value to all the participating mechanics, an opportunity that they probably don’t enjoy often.

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