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Introducing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Culture To Younger Generations

Health and safety should be an important part of our daily life. This applies to every member of the family, including the children. It is not enough to only know the things that can harm our health and safety; we must also be aware of how to avoid them and incorporate this into our daily habits. Introducing these good habits should begin at school. Aware of this challenge, Total E&P Indonésie (TEPI) has come up with the iCare program: a way to maintain health and safety at work and ways to implement them at home and in communities. In 2014, iCare introduced a new program called “iCare Starts from School” for students.


The idea for iCare Starts from School was born during the implementation of the iCare Starts from Home program in 2013. The goal is to build awareness of the importance of health and safety at school.

Dwi Cahyono, SACI (Safety Culture Improvement Implementation) Workgroup Leader from HSE Division states that to make HSE into a culture, we must start shaping habits during childhood to familiarize children with HSE and ensure these habits are incorporated into their daily routines.

The initial phase of iCare Starts from School is collecting materials on important HSE factors for children and deciding how the initiators can deliver the message to children through interesting materials, such as games and stories.


Jakarta and Balikpapan were chosen as the two cities to pilot the iCare initiative.  In Jakarta, the Sustainable Development and Societal Relations (SDS) Division, and Metro Jaya Police Department worked together and visited six elementary schools to begin the road safety campaign.

It focused on the importance of wearing safety belts, helmets, and the rules when crossing a street.

In Balikpapan, the program was introduced in one school: KPS Balikpapan National Elementary School. The school was chosen as the pilot project to see how the program can be improved. Materials that were discussed ranged from the road safety campaign to HSE, including its principles and implementation. So far, three activities have been completed: visiting a boarding school in Pare (Kediri, East Java), a road safety campaign, and participation in HSE Week. “The most important aspect of the iCare Starts from School program was students' and teachers' participation. By involving them in discussions, we could see how well they understood HSE," explained Dwi Cahyono, SACI Workgroup Leader from HSE Division – Total E&P Indonésie.


In the second quarter of 2015, the iCare Starts from School program will move beyond elementary schools to kindergartens and middle schools. Kindergartens are perfect, because of the kids’ level of energy and their interest in activities, and they will be even more aware of injuries and accidents. Meanwhile, middle school aged students usually have their first introduction to motor vehicles. They might have started driving cars or motorcycles. It is essential that they truly understand the safety and risks behind this activity.

Total E&P Indonésie is very proud to have initiated this program, which has already trained more than 1,000 children and will go on to more schools.

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