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Contributing to Education in Indonesia


Sharing knowledge is an activity that enables a person to inspire others through his or her own experiences. In cooperation with a number of universities and institutions in Indonesia, TOTAL E&P INDONESIE has established a continuous program of sharing knowledge. Currently there are three programs offered: the Employee Volunteer Sharing Program (EVSP), TOTAL Professeur Associes (TPA), and TOTAL Day. The three programs have the same mission of sharing knowledge and experiences, yet deliver different instruction.


TOTAL E&P INDONESIE launched the teaching program in 2005 by inviting employees to take part in contributing to education and providing great opportunity in Indonesia. By involving TOTAL E&P INDONESIE employees who have vast experience and skills, the EVSP Program encourages employees to share their real-life work experience with the students through half-day sessions. Particular subjects are addressed aimed at complementing the theoretical concepts the students learned at school. In 2014, EVSP was conducted successfully 14 times by TOTAL E&P INDONESIE, and it plans to add more sessions in the coming years.



Working closely with the TotalEnergies Head Office, the TOTAL Professeur Associes (TPA) program brings in active employees and retirees from other affiliates (expatriates) to universities in Indonesia. The TPA program has two types of teaching systems: Spot Course and Integrated Week. The Spot Course highlights only one particular subject during a half-day session, whereas the Integrated Week consists of five half-day sessions focusing on one specific subject, and is usually ended with a quiz or test. The TPA program provides the opportunity of sharing applied knowledge as well as the best practices that have been implemented in other countries.   



We are deeply committed to putting special focus on educational institutions in East Kalimantan, where our business operates. Through the TOTAL Day program, we are able to introduce the company to students. It provides comprehensive information about TotalEnergies' activity in the country, and also facilitates discussion on certain themes by inviting 4-5 employees as speakers. The teaching program by TOTAL E&P INDONESIE has been willingly accepted by employees and universities. The initiators of the program have been working continuously on improvements by maintaining the proportion between technical and non-technical subjects.

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