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22/08/2016 News

Total Provides Clean Water in Sanipah

Total and the Sanipah Societal Development Foundation (Yapenmas/Yayasan Pembangunan Masyarakat) have been working together to provide clean water in Sanipah Village since 2000.

Total took action to cooperate with the local foundation after having noticed that the village was suffering from a clean water shortage, especially in a dry season, when clean water became something of a rare commodity. The people had to buy clean water from a neighboring village or order it from water suppliers.

Total and Yapenmas had undertook a series of development projects for about two years before the first clean water system was installed by Yapenmas in Section 4, Sanipah Village, Samboja Sub-District, Kutai Kartanegara District, East Kalimantan Province. It started with one deep well to provide clean water to 170 households. Yapenmas then set up a clean water management unit called the Air Bersih Unit to handle distribution to the community professionally.

The clean water processing system is rather simple. Water is pumped from a deep well, processed using an aerator and filter, and later distributed to the villagers’ houses through mains and distribution pipes. The water discharge rate is around 14 m3 per hour. The quality of such clean water has been tested at a laboratory, and the results show that the water is safe for consumption. Today, many villagers in Sanipah take advantage of the clean water by using it for water-refilling businesses.

To expand the distribution of clean water, Total and Yapenmas has been working hand in hand by adding two more wells and a piping system at the same location. The clean water unit now been connected to 700 households in 8 sections in Sanipah village.