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05/09/2016 News

Total E&P Indonesie Supports Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Expo in the Samboja Sub-District

SKK Migas and Total E&P Indonesie, in cooperation with Manpower Productivity Development Center (Balai Pengembangan Produktivitas Tenaga Kerja/BP2TK) Samboja, staged the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Expo on August 27-28, 2016, at Sanipah Village near the Senipah-Peciko-South Mahakam (SPS) Site. This event aimed to stimulate and support the entrepreneurship program of the local community, to provide an opportunity to share business information, as well as to promote the BP2TK Building as a public facility built by SKK Migas & Total E&P Indonesie. The facility was built to support local economic development and build the human resources capacity in theKutai Kartanegara Regency, particularly for the local communities surrounding Total E&P Indonesie’s facilities.

The event was attended by 20 groups of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises from the Samboja Sub-district. They displayed their products of processed foods and various creative crafts. Other participants who took part in this event were Gerai Mahakam Mandiri, a small businesses unit nurtured by Total E&P Indonesie, corporate training and safety consultant STEI (Higher School of Islamic Economics) Al Arsyadi, the Samboja branch of the PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), and the ABADI hospital in Samboja.

The expo’s opening ceremony was led by the representative of SKK Migas and Head of the Department of Industry, Trade and Cooperation (Dinas Perindustrian, Perdagangan dan Koperasi/DISPERINDAGKOP) for the Kutai Kertanegara Regency.