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05/09/2016 News

Total E&P Indonesie Supports Clean Samboja Movement Program

Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) is strongly committed to environmental preservation within and surrounding its site operation areas, and aims to support a local community program for managing and handling domestic waste.

Through a series of activities such as mentoring, facilitating and building community capabilities, TEPI has successfully inaugurated a Clean Samboja Movement Program called “Gerakan Samboja Bersih (GSB)”, a community-based waste management program in Sanipah Village on August 28, 2016. The GSB program aims to increase public awareness of environmental cleanliness, anticipate problems of household waste, and manage the waste properly.

The inauguration event began with a fun walk/trash cleaning activity called "Jalan Santai Pungut Sampah". The activity was attended by approximately 1,200 people from 16 Rukun Tetangga (neighborhood associations) of Sanipah Village, which is located close to the Senipah-Peciko-South Mahakam (SPS) site. A symbolic gift of 200 trash bins was presented by TEPI management, represented by SPS Site Manager, to Head of GSB, and witnessed by the Head of Sanipah village and the Head of the Health Center (Puskesmas) of Handil Baru village.