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29/06/2016 News

Total E&P Indonesie: Ranked Among The Best Corporate Image 2016 Companies

Total E&P Indonesie was ranked as one of the Best Corporate Image 2016 companies in the Mining, Oil and Gas category, based on a survey conducted by Frontier Consulting Group for the Corporate Image Survey 2016. In this category, TEP Indonesie was ranked among the top 5 companies alongside PT Pertamina (Persero), PT PGN Perusahaan Negara (Persero), Chevron Pacifik Indonesia, and Exxon Mobil Indonesia. The survey was conducted in March 2016 and covers 127 industry categories. The result of the survey has been published on page 16 of Koran Tempo, a national newspaper, on June 8, 2016.


This survey was conducted on four respondent groups, i.e., management/executives, stock holders/investors, journalists (excluding infotainment journalists), and the public. The respondent criteria for the management group are those who have positions of at least manager level in a goods/services company and who are 30-65 years old.


The Corporate Image Index (CII) is obtained from the average of the four dimensions, i.e., Quality, Performance, Responsibility, and Attractiveness. The winner of each industry category is determined on the basis of the CII scores rated from each respondent group, where management is rated 40%, stock holders/investors 30%, journalists 20% and the public 10%. A company can be a winner if it has a CII score above one and is among the big three in each category.