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03/02/2017 News

Indonesian Students Win Team Total Grants

Two Indonesian teams from different universities have won Team Total Grants for two categories:

INNOVATE Category (only one winner): “Banda Neira Project”, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS). This project aims to provide clean water for Banda Islan using an Eco-Distillator with Solar Photovoltaic Pump.

DREAM TICKET Category: “Discover Conventional and Unconventional Energy of Ancient Mahakam Deltaic Environment Through Field Observation in Sanga-Sanga”, Veteran National Development University of Yogyakarta (UPN Veteran Yogyakara). A field trip to study conventional nature gas and CBM unconventional energy in the Sanga-Sanga area of Indonesia and to learn more about the Ancient Mahakam Deltaic Environment.

About Team Total

Team Total funding gives students the chance to take their project to the top! Team Total grants have helped students with their studies, extra-curricular fun and humanitarian projects and enabled student associations and student chapters to organize a range of activities, from field trips to participating in international conferences.

In 2017, there were 4 different Team Total grants, with a total of over €80,000 of funding for the selected projects:

  • PUSH YOUR LIMITS – Funding to take part in a sporting competition, adventure challenge or cultural event
  • INNOVATE – Support for student organizations with a passion for innovation and sustainable energy who want to bring a new idea to life
  • OUTREACH – Funding for projects which aim to improve living standards in your community or overseas
  • DREAM TICKET – Support for geosciences and petroleum engineering student associations to complete study trips, international conference participation or professional development activities.

For more information about Team Total, please visit