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19/08/2016 News

Hydroponic Planting Training for Local Youth and the Community in the Mahakam Delta

As part of its support for Operation Program (Program Penunjang Operasi/PPO) 2016, SKK Migas and Total E&P Indonesie (TEP Indonesie), in cooperation with the Manpower Productivity Development Center (Balai Pengembangan Produktivitas Tenaga Kerja/BP2TK) Samboja, conducted a training course in hydroponic vegetable planting for the local youth and community of the Samboja and Muara Jawa Sub-districts.

The program was proposed to increase the knowledge and capacities of the local youth and community in using hydroponics as an alternative vegetable-planting method in order to optimize the use of land or backyards, which can provide more income. It was also aimed at promoting the BP2TK building as a training center for the surrounding community.

The BP2TK building construction was facilitated by SKK Migas and TEP Indonesie as a contribution demonstrating the company’s commitment to supporting skills development and human resources capacity building for the people in Kutai Kartanegara, particularly the community surrounding TEP Indonesie facilities.

The training was held on 11 August 2016 at the BP2TK building located on Jl. Sariwangi, Sanipah Village, near TEP Indonesie’s SPS operations facilities (Senipah-Peciko-South Mahakam). It was attended by 35 people from the Samboja and Muara Jawa Sub-Districts.