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20/03/2015 News


Due to the rampant acts of fraud pertaining to the Recruitment of Prospective Permanent Employees of TOTAL E&P INDONESIE (TEPI), we would like to inform you that TEPI has never demanded and will never demand cash or any payment from its job applicants at any stage of the selection process and recruitment of Permanent Employees under any circumstances.

Please note that any agency or individual requesting payment of any kind for following our recruitment process are not acting on behalf of TEPI.

Below are tips to help recognize TEPI Permanent Employees Recruitment Fraud:

  • TEPI will officially announce its job vacancies through: and
  • Any correspondence regarding the recruitment process will only be made through the following email address: [email protected] and/or through the following email domain: and We have never used free email addresses (such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) or chat rooms.
  • Any phone conversation regarding the recruitment process will only be made from the official TEPI phone number (the phone numbers listed on the recruitment page of the site) or the candidates will be contacted directly by TEPI’s Recruitment Team.
  • The entire recruitment process will be carried out internally by TEPI and/or an institution duly appointed as an official partner of TEPI.
  • TEPI will provide accommodation and airline tickets during the recruitment stages. TEPI has never appointed any specific Travel Agent for the procurement of transportation and accommodation.

If you find any suspicious recruitment activities on behalf of TEPI, please:

  • Do not take any action or give any response to recruitment invitations from recruitment agencies or individuals or e-mail addresses that do not match the official email addresses mentioned above, and please do not transfer any money when asked.
  • Never give any personal information or your financial data such as bank account, credit card number, password, etc., to anyone. However, if you have provided such information and become a victim of any fraud, please report this incident to law enforcement officials.
  • Please report the evidence of recruitment fraud to: [email protected] by enclosing such suspicious invitation.

Please be advised. TEPI calls on prospective job applicants to be vigilant and not be deceived by any form of fraud. TEPI cannot not be held responsible for parties who have become victims of fraud that have misused the name of TOTAL E&P INDONESIE.